Let's Play is an app for young musicians, helping them time practice and record progress learning an instrument.
UX/UI Designer
Figma, Photoshop,
Procreate, Whimsical,
Time Spent
8 Weeks
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About the Project


Most children are encouraged to learn an instrument, which is important as it teaches them accountability and self-discipline.
However, our fast-paced lives and reliance on technology seem to limit our attention spans more and more – and this is especially true with children! 

They can lose interest quickly either because the lessons are a challenge, or they simply find it boring, and may give up on practicing.


How can young musicians easily keep track of their progress and have a more enjoyable practice experience?  


Design an iOS app end-to-end for young children with the goal of helping them record their progress learning an instrument. This app should be motivating, engaging, and delightful.

Help children keep track of their progress while learning a musical instrument and make practicing more enjoyable!


Key Features

  • Track practice sessions
  • Keep practice “streaks” going (progress bar) 
  • Playlist practice material (songs, workbook pages, recital pieces)
  • Check off material practiced (chart) Calendar of days practiced
  • Calendar of days practiced
  • Notebook (notes from instructor, or something they need to ask for help on)

Research Methods

Competitive Analysis: research popular apps for logging music practice, sheet music library, and popular children’s apps 

User interviews: gain insights about children's apps, what makes kids like them/ find them frustrating or boring

Competitive Analysis & Market Research
Summary of Findings
CompetitorsProvisional Personas
User Interviews
Research Findings
  • Kids can use the app by themselves and are motivated to use it consistently
  • Remember to practice, keep track of practice sessions 
  • Replace traditional notebook to write down practice material 
  • Simple, uncluttered UI - minimal distractions
  • Sense of accomplishments (rewards, progress bar)
  • Choose profile pictures 
  • Age-appropriate content (not too “baby-ish”) 
  • Larger fonts, word choice is understandable for younger children 
  • Directions, arrows or feedback when you select something
  •  New,exciting - makes kids want to use it!
  • Independence - kids are likely to listen to anything besides their parents
  • Challenges – takes time to figure out and progressively gets more difficult 
  • Fun, upbeat atmosphere 
  • Delightful micro interactions, loading screens, etc.
  • Children tend to “shut down” when learning new things 
  • Must be consistent – parents must be consistent with their children and children need regular routines to keep on track
  • Too many buttons - want to see everything immediately not tap buttons
  • Boring screens with not much to do
Information Architecture
Feature Roadmap
Feature Roadmap
Interaction Design
Task Flows
Onboarding profile name set upOnboarding profile choose instrumentonboarding profile choose characteronboarding setting goalsonboarding new practice sessionHome after practicing and setting goalTimer screenNew practice sessionHome screen after practice
UI Design
Lets play logoLets play app icon mock-up
Lets play mascot of a cute fox wavingLets play character of a green puppyLets play character of an orange kittenLets play character of a blue owl
UI Kit
UI kit
View prototype
High Fidelity Prototype
Onboarding enter nameOnboarding choose instrumentOnboarding choose characterHome screen setting a goalHome Screen choosing a goalHome screenTimer screenHome screen after practicing for the day
Usability Testing
Usability Test Results
Next Steps

Tap days on Home Screen Calendar

  • On the homescreen, user can tap on a day displayed on the calendar, and view that day’s practice notes

Additional Onboarding 

  • Show user how to use timer/ create a new practice session
Home screen with additional onboarding - tap this button to start the timer

Customization Options

  • User can customize their app by choosing from different themes/ backgrounds
  • Simple, uncluttered user interface
  • Delightful
  • Sense of accomplishment
  • Easy to read & understand
  • Clear direction & feedback
  • Easy to learn
‍Minimal components & simple navigation
Fun characters, whimsical & colorful
Motivating progress bar & goals
Larger fonts, terms understandable for younger children
Onboarding & freedom to explore
100% task completion & error-free rate

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