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8 Weeks
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About the Project

Bella Sareena Beauty Lounge & Wellness Spa is a multi-faceted spa in San Diego that has been providing hair services, skincare, and special treatments since 2011.  The owner, Orly, is a clinical esthetician who loves helping her clients achieve healthy and beautiful skin with customized facials using modern techniques. Her current website ( has a homepage with a CTA to shop her products, some featured products, a video showing the spa, and a newsletter signup.  The other main page is the online shop displaying her products for sale, with individual products pages. Other pages include team, testimonials, and blog posts. 

Having recently launched a new skincare line, the client wishes to expand her market reach and increase online sales, especially sales of new products.  
A redesign of the website focusing on understanding the business (building credibility) so customers will trust the business and want to purchase Bella Sareena products!
Research Goals

To redesign the website to meet the business owner's goals & improve the user's experience, we must

  • Gain insights into industry and competitors
  • Discover strengths and frustrations with current website design
  • Assess current site (problems, potential solutions, priority revisions)
  • Competitive Analysis
  • User Interviews
  • Current Site Assessment


User Goals:
User Needs & Motivations:
  • 100% of participants need reviews to trust a product
  • 100% need full product details (all ingredients, “skin type”, benefits, photos) 
  • 66% view ingredients, benefits, and “how to use” as most important details
  • Efficient navigation – 66% of participants thought navigation should be improved (remove unnecessary tabs)
  • Engaging website (photos, videos, icons) 
  • 100% need full product details (all ingredients, “skin type”, benefits, photos) 
  • Transparency in the company and products 
  • Products that are beneficial with clean ingredients 
  •  Clear selling points (why you need it, why it’s unlike other products)
User Frustrations:
  • Confusing or lack of information about business/products
  • Confusing navigation – want to know what is on the page before clicking
  • 100% were unsure what the business is from the homepage
  • 100% were confused what the focus is – products or services?
  • 100% felt the filters were unnecessary or confusing
  • 100% thought the product details layout could be improved – too much reading, no visual hierarchy
  • 100% were confused by the hero section (image, CTA, value proposition)
Noted problems with Bella Sareena original website mentioned by interviewees.
User & Business Goals
Bella Sareena Goals
Feature Roadmap

Feature Roadmap for Bella Sareena website redesign.
User Persona
Bella Sareena Persona
Information Architecture
Version 1
  • In the first version, the navigation would be condensed due to user’s feedback that the navigation was confusing and too lengthy 
  • Includes Services (treatments and their details), Team (team info, bios), Products (Shop products), and Blog (Blog posts)
Bella Sareena Sitemap V1
Version 2 (Selected Sitemap)
  • In the second version, the navigation was condensed even further, including only Services (Services Page, Team, Blog) and Products
  • The decision to use this design was based on further research including trends from popular websites and skincare sites. The efficiency and ease of this type of navigation/sitemap seemed like a good choice because of the needs of the business and business owner.  This design directs the customer to the services - to learn about the business (gain customer trust), and products - ideally persuading the customer to purchase a product, now that they understand more about the business and products.
Bella Sareena Sitemap V2
Interaction Design
Task Flow
Bella Sareena Task Flows
User Flow
Bella Sareena User Flow
Wireframes (Mobile)
Mobile wireframes
Wireframes (Desktop)
UI Design

UI Kit

UI Kit
Hi-Fi Wireframes
Bella Sareena High Fidelity Wireframes
Services & Team
View Prototype
Usability Testing

To determine how well the new design improves the original site by observing and testing the user’s experience while navigating the site.

Testing Objectives
100% Completion Rate
100% Error-Free Rate
Affinity Map
Bella Sareena Affinity Map Positive Feedback
Potential Solutions/ Next Steps:
Bella Sareena Revision 1: Increased saturation of buttonsBella Sareena Revision 2: Increased button font sizeBella Sareena Revision 3: Changed modal button to "book now" and improved alignment of modal
A big challenge was that the client didn’t have any direction for her website's redesign
Homepage Redesign:
UI Design:
Users felt the new design, along with the emphasis on handcrafted and organic ingredients in the products, gave the impression that the business cares for the customers - putting this level of detail and care into the website and products gives a great impression for the business!
Key Takeaways
It was a great experience to work with a real business owner and hear her goals and concerns, and to think about ways to address them with UX design. This experience helped me to empathize with and think from the business owner’s perspective, keeping her goals in mind, along with the user’s perspective - customers, current clients, and visitors to her website.
Creating the goal alignment chart for business and customer needs was very helpful in making decisions such as navigation -

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